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Would you like your work featured in Pastiche Magazine? Email with who you are, what you're working on and if you have it available, a link to your portfolio or body of work. 

The goal is to encourage more people to build personal projects simply for the love of the process. Why express on a post-it note what you could write in an article or short story? The same can be said for putting the work into a photo project and then only sharing it on Instagram. Taking the consumption of art off social media and savouring the enjoyment of visual media is my biggest passion.

If you're interested in submitting your work, simply shoot me an email at the address above with the work you're looking to have featured, include some words about yourself, the inspiration behind the project and the equipment used to create it (if this is a visual piece of course). 

Please note, although I'd love to share everything that is submitted, I can't. Currently these features will be focused on passion projects with a theme or inspiration mentioned in the submission. Other submissions will be considered on the Instagram page. 

The goal is to feature as many people as possible and share your inspiration with others, obviously I can't share everyone's work all at once but as this magazine grows I'll be sure to review your submission request as soon as possible and get right back to you.