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Passion For The Process ~ Why you should always PRINT your work!

Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on a photo book by talented San Francisco-based photographer, Yameen (known by the moniker @filmhowyalike on Instagram). The work itself named "Kuya" (translated in Tagalog meaning "brother" used to address an older male as a term of respect), was compiled and curated as a tribute to family in Manila whom he'd met for the first time. Documented in his debut photobook.

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Why Create a Photography Magazine?

The concept for the magazine was inspired by the french word Pastiche which, on the surface, conjures the idea of someone’s art being a work of reiteration, plagiarism or facsimile. A simple carbon copy of creative work that came before it. The reality of this term, however, at least in the case of visual creativity, is that a pastiche is a celebration of art by creating works derived from multiple sources of inspiration.

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